EP600+2*B500 (White) Power Battery Packs

BLUETTI (White) Power Battery Packs 6000W 9920Whz includes 2x B500

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The Bluetti EP600 is a stationary whole-house energy storage system with the ability to supply both single-phase 230V and three-phase 400V and 6kW of power. This modular energy storage system offers endless possibilities through the use of connected batteries with a maximum storage capacity of 79Kwh. Together with the intuitive app, a quick recharge option via mains power and solar power of also 6kW (choose for example your existing solar panel installation), you always have a comprehensive reliable solution to solve energy shortages.

The modular system consists of one EP600 combined with a minimum of 2 x B500. Each B500 battery module has a capacity of 4960 Wh. You can connect up to 16 x B500 together with 4 x EP600 in parallel, making life off-grid a lot easier. The system is specifically designed for private households and small businesses. If you choose to use the maximum input power of 6000W, the combo of one EP600+2*B500 is fully charged in just 2.2 hours.

Additional information

Battery type



10 years

Battery capacity in Wh

9.920-79.360 Wh

Rated power

6000 W

Connection method


PV Input

6000W Max.

AC output voltage

230 V/400 V


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