About Us

We not only took the communication world by storm, but through training and sustainable product portfolio expansion, we empower our partners and their communities with the best communication solutions.

Our Story

the journey to communication
Since 1978

Tabbara Electronics is a leading provider of professional communication solutions in the Middle East.

Finding a reliable and performing communication system in the 70s’ did not happen overnight. It started with hard work and dedication from our CEO Mr. Mohamad Tabbara, who established a two-way radio communication link between Lebanon and Cyprus using a hand crafted Antenna.

transforming communication

Throughout the years, Tabbara Electronics became the reference for two-way radio, shaping communities and improving communication infrastructures through Vertex Standard radios and Motorola Solutions.


Expanding portfolio
The use of data and communication expands horizons. Our CEO stayed on top of all new technological releases in the industry and was an earlier adept of IP Telephony solutions and networking. The industry was offering promising products and Tabbara Electronics grasped the potential and rode the wave.

Widened footprint
In 2017, Tabbara Electronics LLC became the largest Motorola Solutions Distributor in the GCC & Middle East region. With a customer base comprising of experienced channel partners, dealers and highly skilled system integrators who cater for public safety, government, commercial, industrial, transport and oil and gas sectors.

Distribution 101
Delivering mission critical solutions and technology, offering training, excellent sale and technical support across vertical markets is our forte. All of the products we represent in our portfolio are made available in stock at all times. We understand the importance of immediate delivery and ensure our partners offer the same added value to their customers.

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Your success is our purpose.

Tabbara Electronics, We keep the world talking!