A reliable supplier of the armies worldwide. MESIT Defence develop and manufacture tactical communication systems, vehicle intercoms and headsets. Based on the needs of modern armies, they expanded their portfolio to include also tactical loudspeakers, PA systems and other devices.

Mesit Defence Tactical Communications

Comprehensive and interconnected systems of tactical communication for the support of command and control of military operations. Ensuring voice and data services with the use of superior radio communication technology.

DICOM®RF40 radio system

Third generation of small tactical radios. The core of the system consists in the handheld multiband radio for 30 MHz to 512 MHz band – power output up to 10 W, supports frequency and amplitude modulation, several waveforms. 

DICOM®RF20 radio system

A comprehensive system of functionally interrelated handheld, manpack and mobile transceivers securing encrypted and reliable communication (TRANSEC + COMSEC) in extremely difficult conditions.

VICM 200 COMBAT Intercom

Software defined intercom system for clear communication in environments with high levels of noise.Outstanding reliability, easy use, possibility of software change of parameters, allowing easy integration with radios.

M20 Communication Headset

The M20 Communication Headset is an innovative communication and hearing protection platform with individual customization and upgradeable performance. 

M10, M10A Headsets

The new generation of headsets. The flexible and durable design meets the most demanding requirements for reliability and comprehensibility.

RM1 Radio Monitor

An effective solution for vehicles that are not equipped with an intercom. Applicable for installation in shelters and command posts. Allows the crew to monitor and transmit.