Cambium Networks delivers wireless communications that work for businesses, communities and cities worldwide. Millions of radios are deployed to connect people, places and things with a unified wireless fabric that spans multiple standards and frequencies of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, all managed centrally via the cloud. The multi-gigabit wireless fabric offers a compelling value proposition over traditional fiber and alternative wireless solutions. We work with our Cambium certified ConnectedPartners to deliver purpose-built networks for service provider, enterprise, industrial, and government connectivity solutions in urban, suburban, and rural environments, with wireless that just works.

Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint Broadband Solutions

Demanding Environments Require Solutions that Deliver

Our proven Point-to-Point (PTP) series solutions are deployed worldwide, serving highly critical applications in formidable environments for the world’s most demanding users. With best-in-class real-world performance and FIPS 140-2 approved security available for government and military applications, the PTP series is your connection to what matters, no matter what.

60 GHz cnWave

60 GHz cnWave V1000

V1000 is featured with wide-range, 80º beamforming for easy installation. Powered by 802.3af PoE, V1000 supports up to 2 Gbps with 1 Gbps in the uplink direction and 1 Gbps in the downlink direction.


60 GHz cnWave V3000

V3000 is featured with a 44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with beamforming. The client nodes can support up to 7.6 Gbps with channel bonding for both PMP and PTP configurations.



60 GHz V5000

V5000 is featured with two sectors covering up to 280 degrees with beamforming. A single V5000 can connect up to four other distribution nodes or up to 30 client nodes. V5000 can be used for PTP, PMP and mesh configurations.


PMP 450m Access Point with cnMedusa Technology

5 GHz PMP 450m Fixed Wireless Access Point

cnMedusa™technology enhances sector capacity by combining a smart beamforming antenna array with multiple RF transmit and receive chains, effectively multiplying available capacity by more than three times.


PMP 450i Fixed Wireless Access Point

Cambium Networks industry-leading 450 platform includes the all new PMP 450i and PTP 450i radios. The 450i product platform is the most scalable industrial-grade wireless broadband solution available.


Sub 6 High Capacity Backhaul

PTP 670

Field proven high reliable backhaul for small cell and critical infrastructure. Optional ATEX/HAZLOC certified models available for hazardous deployments.

Brochure PTP 670

PTP 700

One radio, multiple missions. Mission-Critical PTP Communications.

Brochure PTP 700

Tactical Deployment

PTP 450i Fixed Wireless Backhaul

Fit to comprehensive network with dynamic interference filtering. Optional ATEX/HAZLOC certified models available for hazardous deployments.

Brochure PTP 450i

Licensed Microwave Backhaul

PTP 850E

All outdoor, 71-86 GHz, up to 10 Gbps

Brochure PTP 850E

PTP 850C

PTP 850C is next generation all-outdoor, multi-core unit. 

Brochure PTP 850C

PTP 850S

PTP 850S can deliver up to 2 Gbps plus capacity.

Brochure PTP 850S

PTP 820C

All outdoor, dual core, up to 1.2 Gbps

Brochure PTP 820C


All outdoor, dual core, High power 35 dBm, up to 1.2 Gbps.

Brochure PTP 820C HP

PTP 820S

All outdoor, single core, up to 600Mbps.

Brochure PTP 820S

PTP 820E

All outdoor, 71-86 GHz, up to 2.5 Gbps.
Brochure PTP 820E

PTP 820G

Split mount, multi-carrier, up to 1 Gbps.

Brochure PTP 820G

PTP 820F

Split Mount Aggregation Node, up to 2.5 Gbps.

Brochure PTP 850F

PMP 450 Subscriber Module family

PTP 450b

All outdoor, 71-86 GHz, up to 2.5 Gbps.
Brochure PTP 450b

5 GHz PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module

Up to 300 Mbps in a 40 MHz channel. Frequency range is 4.9 – 5.925 GHz.
Brochure PTP 450b 5Ghz

PMP 450i Fixed Wireless Subscriber Module

The ultra-wide band 450i features dynamic interference filtering, IP-66/67 enclosure, and multifunction AUX port. It is available as Subscriber Module, Backhaul or Access Point..
Brochure PTP 450i 5Ghz

Tower Switches

cnMatrix Switch TX2012R-P

Tower/WISP switch with Cambium Sync, Intelligent and flexible PoE, enterprise grade L2/L3 switching, 96 Gbps throughput, 16 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, 120 Forwarding Rate in Mpps (64 Byte Packets), 8 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, 4 SFP+ Uplink ports.

Brochure cnMatrix Switch TX2012R-P

cnMatrix Switch TX2020R-P

Tower/WISP switch with Cambium Sync, Intelligent and flexible PoE, Dual removable/redundant power supplies, enterprise grade L2/L3 switching, 112 Gbps throughput, 120 Forwarding Rate in Mpps (64 Byte Packets), 16 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, 4 SFP+ Uplink ports.

Brochure cnMatrix Switch TX2020R-P


Intelligent Positioner

Intelligent Positioners allow for the quick deployment of nomadic wireless broadband. Wireless broadband radios supported include PMP/PTP 450i and PTP 670. A Subscriber Module (SM) / Slave may be deployed to connect to a fixed Point to Multipoint (PMP) Access Point (AP) or two radios may be deployed to connect a Point to Point (PTP) link. Connections are made in minutes..


cnPulse Sync Generator

cnPulse is the latest GPS synchronization generation device designed specifically for Cambium Networks PMP and PTP radios. The cnPulse module is IP67 (weather proof and supports a wide temperature range for rugged environments.


Network Indoor Unit

The PTP 650 Network Indoor Unit (NIDU) is a hardware device which enables the passing of T1/E1 TDM circuits over PTP 650 fixed wireless broadband connections. Using the NIDU, information from existing TDM circuits is delivered reliably, meeting the precise latency and jitter requirements needed for T1/E1 traffic.