5 1/2 Digital Multimeter(240,000 Count), 0.015% DC Voltage Accuracy, 123rdgs/s, USB, RS232, GPIB, LAN

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The Rigol DM3058 is a high quality digital tabletop multimeter from the DM3050 series with a sampling rate of max. 120 Sa/s.
These Rigol multimeters have a very sophisticated and easy to use interface and provide plenty of functions for all measurement tasks. The use of the menu navigation is very intuitive and the devices will provide precise results in all of their many application areas. With the help of a computer, you can perform long running monitoring tasks, too.

Three measurement speeds ? 2.5 readings/s, 20 readings/s, 123 readings/s
Double display function ? Displays 2 measurements at once
Resistance (2 or 4 wire), capacitance, frequency, continuity and diode test
Sensor measurement function ? Built-in thermocouple compensation
Various maths operations ? Max, min, average, P/F, dBm, dB, relative measurement, standard deviation & histogram
Internal memory stores up to 10-off configurations
Supports the storage of configuration and data via USB flash device
Supports USB and RS-232
DM3058 supports LAN and GPIB also (not DM3058E)
Built-in Help system