TOP 5 Quality and Better Types of RF Connectors
RF connectors

Microwave coaxial adapter 7 16 DIN Male To N Female connector for large green microcircuit. High frequency component with a metallic covering

Communication devices, such as two-way radios, require quality components or reliable and effective communication. One of the essential components of a communication device is the RF connector. An RF Connectors is a device that connects the radio frequency (RF) signals between two components of a communication device. Choosing the right RF connectors for your communication device is crucial for ensuring the device’s proper function. In this blog post, we will explore five good and quality types of RF Connectors that you can use in your communication devices.

SMA Connectors

SMA connectors are frequently utilize in two-way radios and other communication devices. Noted, these connectors are specifically design to operate at frequencies of up to 18 GHz, thereby making them the perfect fit for high-frequency applications. Moreover, due to their compact size and user-friendly interface, they are well-suited for small communication devices. Additionally, SMA connectors have demonstrated excellent electrical performance, high reliability, and a low-cost advantage.

BNC Connectors

BNC connectors are another popular choice for communication devices. These connectors are design for frequencies up to 4 GHz and are widely used in radio communications, video applications, and test equipment. BNC connectors are easy to connect and disconnect, making them convenient for use in the field. They also have good electrical performance, are durable, and have a low cost.

TNC Connectors

TNC connectors share similarities with BNC connectors, but they differ in the threading that offers a more secure connection. These connectors are commonly use in military and aerospace applications and designed for frequencies of up to 11 GHz. Compared to BNC connectors, TNC connectors are more robust and provide better electrical performance. However, it’s worth noting that TNC connectors are also more expensive than their BNC counterparts.

In terms of functionality, TNC connectors offer a significant advantage over BNC connectors. They designed to handle higher frequencies, which makes them suitable for use in critical applications where accuracy and precision are essential. 

N-Type Connectors

N-Type connectors are common used in high-power applications and can handle frequencies up to 18 GHz. They are design for use in commercial and military applications and provide excellent electrical performance. N-Type connectors are more substantial than SMA or BNC connectors and require a larger mounting hole. They are also more expensive than SMA or BNC connectors.

MCX Connectors

MCX connectors are a compact and lightweight option for communication devices. They are commonly used in mobile devices and GPS systems and designed for frequencies up to 6 GHz. MCX connectors are easy to connect and disconnect and have a low cost. However, they are not as robust as other connector types and are not compatible for high-power applications.


Choosing the right RF connector for your communication device is essential for ensuring reliable and effective communication. The five types of RF connectors discussed in this blog post, SMA, BNC, TNC, N-Type, and MCX, are all good quality options for your communication devices. However, the choice of which connector to use ultimately depends on the specific application and requirements of your communication device.

In Summary, Tabbara Electronics offers a wide range of quality RF connectors for various communication devices, including brands such as Lamatel and others. Whether you need SMA, BNC, TNC, N-Type, or MCX connectors, Tabbara Electronics can provide you with the right connector for your communication needs.

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