RF Adaptor Kit

Include: N(F)-N(F) Adaptor (1pcs), N(M)-N(M) Adaptor (1pcs), N(M)-SMA(F) Adaptor (2pcs), N(M)-BNC(F) Adaptor (2pcs), SMA(F)-SMA(F) Adaptor (1pcs), SMA(M)-SMA(M) Adaptor (1pcs), BNC T Type Adaptor
(1pcs), 50 ? SMA Load (1pcs), 50 ? BNC Impedance Adapter (1pcs)

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Brought to you under the trusted RS Brand, this RF coaxial inter series adapter kit contains 30 RF coaxial adapters for interconnecting BNC, TNC, VHF, FME, Mini UHF, N, MMCX, SSMB, MCX, SMB, SMC and SMA series.