150 MHz, 4 GSa/s, 100 Mpts, 2+16 CH MSO

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2 channel oscilloscope with 150 MHz Bandwidth, 4 GSa/s sample rate, up to 100 Mpts memory depth and a 22.9 cm touchdisplay 1024x600 pixel.
Upgradable to a MSO with a 16 channel logic analyzer and expandable by a 1 channel waveform generator.

Analogue Bandwidth: 150MHz
2 Analogue channels, 1 EXT channel and a standard configuration of 16 digital channels (required to purchase the probe)
Up to 4GSa/s real-time sample rate
Up to 100Mpts memory depth (option)
High waveform capture rate (over 300,000 wfms/s)
Auto measurement of 41 waveform parameters; full memory hardware measurement function
A variety of serial protocol triggers and decodes
Up to 450,000 frames of hardware real-time and ceaseless waveforms recording and playback functions
Independent search, navigation keys, and event table