GWN7610 Ceiling access point

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Wi-Fi access is a necessity for the business now these days. Wireless access points that support Wi-Fi are usually employed to use as an internet hotspot in the buildings where the business need wireless coverage for working.

The GWN7610 is really a powerful 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Point that?s well suited for multiple floor locations, office buildings, branch offices and other commercial or retail purposes. It functions with any alternative party router or switch and it provides numerous substantial benefits such as great network throughput, cutting-edge security features, exceptional wireless coverage and embedded network management capabilities without external controllers or single point of breakdown.

Supports Dual-band 3?3:3 MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology
Can provide the range of 175-meter coverage range
Embedded controller allows to manage 50 GWN7610s in a network.
Support up to 250 Plus Wi-Fi client devices
User-friendly provisioning controller that allows to auto-discover and easy management of network
Provides high-end security features
Advanced QoS (802.11e/WMM, VLAN, TOS) to make sure real-time performance
Good power saving
Support indoor wall mount or ceiling mount

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