2.1 GHz RF signal generator

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The DSG821 has a maximum output frequency of 2.1GHz whilst maximum output power is +20dBm (typical). The DSG821 also provides frequency and level sweep functions AM/FM/?M analogue modulations as well as a power pulse modulation function. With all of these features, the DSG821 is an excellent source for high quality signals (including RF, LF, sweep pulse and a variety of analogue modulated signals) and for use as a stable reference.

Maximum frequency 2.1GHz
Frequency Resolution: 0.01 Hz
Up to -112 dBc/Hz (typical) phase noise
Up to +20 dBm (typical) maximum output power
Uses electronic attenuator to avoid wearing
Specially designed protection functions
Digital ALC circuit
Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep functions
Complete AM/FM/?M analogue modulation functions
Light weight, the handle offers comfortable grip