35MHz 1 channel,125MSa/s sample rates,16bit resolution,2Mpt memory depth,7digits/s counter

The DG831 redefines the entry level waveform generator by bringing advanced capabilities like 16 bit high resolution, intuitive touch screen control, and a quiet fanless design to our most affordable line of generators.? Add SiFi II point-to-point sampling technology and 2 MPts of standard arb memory and the DG831 delivers a powerful low cost generator for students and engineers alike.?

16 Bit Resolution on All Models
Intuitive Next Generation Touch Interface
10MHz to 100MHz Frequency Ranges
Fanless Cooling for silent operation
High Sample Rate and Long Memory
Advanced Capabilities like Dual-Tone, Harmonics and Sequencing
Complex Integrated Functions like PRBS Patterns and RS232 Generation
Enhanced Waveform modes and Signal Fidelity with SiFi II technology