MMCX-RPSMA pigtail

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Presenting an MMCX to RPSMA pigtail cable, a purposeful accessory that facilitates the integration of a secondary wireless interface into devices like BaseBox2 or BaseBox5. Measuring at a cable length of 260mm, this pigtail cable boasts an MMCX connector on one end and an RPSMA connector on the other.

Designed with versatility in mind, this cable serves as an essential bridge for extending wireless capabilities. It enables you to effortlessly augment the connectivity of your BaseBox2 or BaseBox5 by adding an extra wireless interface. This proves particularly beneficial in scenarios demanding heightened network capacity, improved redundancy, or varied frequency usage.

Whether you're aiming to expand the range of your wireless network, implement load balancing for better performance, or diversify your frequency channels for reduced interference, this MMCX to RPSMA pigtail cable comes to the rescue. Its user-friendly design ensures seamless compatibility and integration, allowing you to maximize the potential of your wireless infrastructure.