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Durable and Reliable Mobile Radios

Durable and Reliable Mobile Radios

Reliable mobile radio products built to last

A range of mobile radios that are durable and offer high-power features that maximise business efficiency. Die-cast aluminium construction helps dissipate heat to produce a radio that is tough and durable.

Ideal for both small and large group communications, Vertex Standard mobile radios offer broad channel capacity from 8 channels for easy operation up to an astonishing 501channels. Scanning is class-leading so you can optimise performance across a variety of environments. As well as Basic Scan, there’s also Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-Me, Follow-Me Dual Watch and Talk Around all built in.

Expanded frequency mobile radios

Expanded frequency options include full band coverage of VHF and upper range coverage of UHF bands. Just the kind of freedom and flexibility you need from your fleet of mobile radios to push communications to the limit.

Reliable, durable mobile radios

Like Vertex Standard portable radios, mobile radios support ARTS™ (Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System) and alert you if workers within your team move out of range for longer than two minutes. There’s also a built-in emergency alert for improved driver safety – the driver simply needs to trigger a panic button by the front panel or remotely to make dispatchers aware of problems.


VX-2100/2200 Series

Wide band coverage and high-power performance
  VX-4500/4600 Series

The VX-4500/4600 mobile radios are packed with enhanced

features and signaling performance for increased communications
flexibility and worker safety.

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