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Complex and modular solution POLIS (POLice Integrated Solution) for the national, military and municipal police and IRS (Integrated Rescue System) comannd, control and service performance includes:

Command and control support application C2AP

Software application C2AP (Command Control APplication) is a client/server solution to support particular activities in stationary and mobile workplaces of operational and tactical command and control. Application C2AP provides support for the following activities:

  • Coordination and management of forces and assets (Dispatching)
  • An overview of the available forces and assets, including the localization with 3D visualization (component GEO3D)
  • Vetting of persons/vehicles
  • Managing video recording and video transmission
  • Text online communication with subordinates and coordination forces and assets (Chat)
  • Managing of journey forms
  • And more

Application C2AP allows connection to an integrated localization services (system MOBILITY) via GSM or TETRAPOL radio networks and to other intervetion and tracking systems and applications (pTRACKINCREMOREDBAC) and the creation of such a complex infrastructure for support of operational and tactical command and control. 


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