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Swift IP Gateway A001

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Analog-Digital System Bridge

TRBOnet Enterprise is a professional grade application especially developed for Dispatch centers that monitor large amounts of traffic. It supports digital as well as analog channels that could be helpful for clients during there migration period. Also makes respons centers that monitor large amounts of traffic.

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A Game Changing Solution

When you build or expand your radio network, you may face quite a few obstacles that can hinder the deployment. For instance, you may want to add a control radio to the radio network, but this radio should be installed in a neighboring town, which makes it impossible for you to connect it directly to your existing server. Or, you may have non-MOTOTRBO radios on your system, and you need to provide seamless integration. There are many different scenarios where the most appropriate solution is TRBOnet IP Gateway aka Agent.

This is a product designed to work with control or donor radios. There are numerous scenarios where Swift IP Gateways can be implemented. 

Scenario 1: Remote Control Radio

You may have a local system and a remote control radio that you want to monitor. This remote radio can be hundreds of kilometres away from the dispatcher seat. Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect the remote radio to the server with a USB cable that long. The IP gateway makes it possible to use a LAN connection rather than USB. You can just put it nearby your mobile radio and connect it to your IP network. Each IP Gateway is able to work with one channel (voice or data). 

Scenario 2: High Latency Environment

The IP gateway can work with latencies up to 300 ms, which does compare to 60/90 ms recommended by the MOTOTRBO System Planner. If part of your MOTOTRBO radio network is located in such a challenging environment, it can be connected to your server using IP Gateways, one per channel.

Scenario 3: Radio System on Control Radios

If your MOTOTRBO radio network is based on control radios, you may run into a few problems. First of all, you may not have enough USB ports in your PC to plug all of them into it. On the other hand, a USB cable per se cannot be considered as a very reliable means of connection. This is why the more control stations the more potential points of failure there are in your system. Finally, donor radios for voice channels must be connected to sound cards, each radio to the respective sound card. It is becoming increasingly difficult if you have to plug three or more control stations. Swift IP Gateways do not require USB ports, nor do they need sound cards. The LAN connection is by far more reliable and resilient.

Scenario 4: Analog-to-Digital Migration

Last, but not least. If you decided to migrate from analog to digital, it may take a few years to purchase and install MOTOTRBO infrastructure and effectively replace all the components of the legacy radio network. This means that you can have both analog and digital radio subscribers on your network for quite awhile. At the same time, you want both types of radio users to communicate with each other during the migration period. In this case you can use our gateways to interface your MOTOTRBO radio network to the legacy system. You will require one analog control radio per each analog channel you want to monitor (note that your analog donor radio must be compatible with Swift IP Gateway). The essence of the solution is that you can use cross patch to automatically link digital and analog channels to provide seamless communication across different radio networks.

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