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Network solution

CNS.NET is a complete network solution for remote controlled surveillance systems. Our client application gives you an opportunity to secure target area comfortably from your control room. With joystick you can control several systems that can be equipped with various devices (such as Daylight and IR cameras, LRF, GPS, DMC etc). If equipped with GPS you can see all remote sites on a map. With the help of LRF you can determine an intruder’s accurate position. You can see real-time video that can be saved to HDD for future use or you can take a snapshot.

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This solution is based on a TCP/IP client-server architecture. At a server side there is our CNS.NET server application. It provides an access to all systems functions and features to our client. From the control room you can easily define several scan modes (automatic camera movements) for individual remote stations and store them on the server for future use.

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Our universal communication protocol makes it possible to operate different types of Pan&Tilt in one moment and is open to many types of devices mounted on them. Using special hardware a video signal is encoded (MPEG-4) and streamed via network in real-time. As an option you can take advantage of a software and hardware video stabilization capability compensating unwanted camera vibrations.

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