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SmartPTT Monitoring

SmartPTT Monitoring
 is a tool for in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure. SmartPTT Monitoring allows checking the performance of dispatcher system, providing the following information:

  • RSSI – received signal strength

  • Type of transmission. ARS, GPS, Text, Voice Call, Emergency, etc

  • Transmission duration

  • Caller and Receiver IDs

  • Repeater ID

Supported MOTOTRBO Systems:

  • Standalone repeater

  • IP Site Connect

  • Capacity Plus

  • Linked Capacity Plus

  • Connect Plus

SmartPTT Monitoring is supplied in 2 variants:

  • Separate product

  • Optional service in SmartPTT Enterprise and SmartPTT PLUS


SmartPTT Monitoring Functionality

Real Time Monitoring – graphical representation of voice and data activity received from MOTOTRBO repeaters allows watching over the system in real time. Flowing bars representing the activity and signal level are displayed for each connected channel individually and in aggregated view. The bar height corresponds to the received signal strength.



Network Topology – graphical representation of radio network schema. Topology is identified automatically or defined by means of Radioserver Configuration tool and presented in the dispatcher console displaying network structure and workload percentage of each repeater.


Hardware Diagnostics
 – information about current state of connected MOTOTRBO repeaters, system infrastructure (UPS, routers, servers) monitoring via SNMP, hardware failures logging.


Alarm Log & Notifications
 – is one of the best ways to learn about alarms, for example it informs about repeater failure or about status of IP routers or backup power sources. Events with critical, high or minor severity are highlighted red, pink and yellow respectively. Besides reviewing current events, Alarm Log provides the ability to view saved events for some particular time period. Flexible notification system allows to notify system administrators via email or text message in case of any issues with a network.


Repeater control –
 remote repeater administration for connected MOTOTRBO repeaters (channel change, power level settings, enabling and disabling).


Coverage map – graphical representation of network coverage area based on RSSI level of the received signals from GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios.


Monitoring Analytics
 – graphical representation of the collected monitoring data:

  • Proportions of event duration during a chosen time frame and per day

  • Proportions of voice and data activity per day during a chosen time period


Monitoring Reports
 – detailed report based on collected monitoring data and filtered by number of criteria. Report provides information about MOTOTRBO repeater peer ID, source and destination subscriber radio ID or talk group ID, event duration, event type, RSSI, etc.


Not supported in Connect Plus systems.

The coverage map feature is a part of SmartPTT Enterprise only, not the standalone SmartPTT Monitoring.

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