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SmartPTT Integra

Digital radio dispatch system developed by Elcomplus in 2010 is based on DMR standard (Digital Mobile Radio) – the main replacement of the analogue radio systems.

Today, this system is sweepingly driving out the outdated analogue radio systems. In spite of the age of the system, the project map covers a significant part of the territory of Russia.

SmartPTT Integra reduces faults in personnel work and increases the emergency response rate as well. 

This is an end-stock ready-to-use product:

  • Factory settings of functions and services

  • Quick installation and adaptation to the Client’s facility

  • Connection interfaces with adjacent systems

  • Fully functional dispatcher and administrator workstation

System is based on:

  • MOTOTRBO digital platform by Motorola

  • SmartPTT software by Elcomplus

Digital radio dispatch system components


Industry-based tests

  • Gazprom: exploratory tests in Gazprom Transgaz Moscow

  • Svyaztransneft: pilot tests in Siberian production and technical communication directorate

  • Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response: pilot tests in Siberian regional center of RF Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response


  • Flexibility and ease in deployment and system maintenance.

  • Extendibility of a multi-level dispatch system.

  • Scalability (any number of workstations and controlled radio networks, remote control of IP-networks).

  • Flexible call routing and data transfer between several base stations and various networks.

  • Tools to prepare networks for different operating modes.

SmartPTT Integra allows both MOTOTRBO digital functions and analogue mode operation offering the opportunity to switch to a new radio standard through mixed mode with a part of sites operating in analogue mode and others – in digital.


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