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The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) is an exceptionally smart, collaborative device that dramatically increases situational awareness, information gathering and evidence collection in the field. Part of the revolutionary Si Series, it delivers all the mission critical capabilities police, commanders and investigators want in a body worn camera.

Both body worn camera and remote speaker microphone in one, the Si500 combines voice communications with body worn video and still image capture. Sleek, rugged and feature-rich, Si500 is paving the way for convergence by reducing the number of the devices first responders wear in the field today.

Now you can capture and record events accurately, the moment they happen. Then have the real facts and footage to review, whenever you need them.

Motorola Digital Evidence Management provides a unified solution for organisations of all sizes to capture, store and manage video evidence, including associated metadata. The Si500 combined with the cost-effective storage solution, CommandCentral Vault, allows users to upload body worn video evidence, still images and voice recordings seamlessly over any secure WiFi connection.

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Precise recording with a 210° articulating body worn camera lens provides optimal field-of-view and flexible wearing positions.

Realistic low-light performance records body worn video that mimics what the human eye sees.

Prominent slider initiates video recording manually or automatically with a push of the emergency button or other Bluetooth enabled sensors.

Pre-buffering captures critical evidence up to 60 seconds prior to initiating a recording trigger.



Smart interface extends the mission critical performance of Motorola radios. 

Aggressive T-shape  makes the VSM easier to grip, even with wet or slippery hands.



IP67 rating ensures the VSM can withstand 1 meter water submersion for 30 minutes.

MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating ensures you can rely on your VSM in the most extreme environments.

Five integrated microphones deliver the same audio quality as the APX™ 8000.

Adaptive dual-sided operation uses beam-forming technology, so you can talk into either side of the VSM.

Adaptive noise suppression adjusts the audio algorithm, enabling you to cancel out the noise as it changes in the environment.

Adaptive gain control adjusts the microphone gain based on how loud you talk into the VSM to ensure a consistent audio level on the receiving end.

Adaptive windporting engages a purpose-built wind ported microphone to cancel out wind noise. 

Update your software and configure your VSM more efficiently without interrupting voice communications.

Up to 20 Wi-Fi networks can be provisioned in the VSM so that users can seamlessly receive software updates, configure the device or upload multi-media to CommandCentral Vault at facility Wi-Fi access points or in the field via Wi-Fi hotspots.



Si500 Specifications Sheet

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) dramatically increases situational awareness, information gathering and evidence collection in the field. Part of the revolutionary Si Series of body cameras, it delivers all the mission critical capabilities first responders, police officers, commanders and investigators want in one exceptionally smart collaborative device.

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight

    220g (standard battery)
    240g (high-capacity battery)

  • Display


  • Emergency button

    Optional; programmable

  • Built-in speaker

    0.5 watt


Performance Characteristics

  • Battery life

    ~10 hours (standard battery)
    ~18 hours (high-capacity battery)

  • Standard capacity

    1950 mAh

  • High capacity

    2925 mAh

  • Noise reduction

    5 integrated microphones with adaptive audio engine

  • Audio output

    100 dB

Camera Features

  • Video internal memory


  • Optical performance

    Diagonal: 164°
    Horizontal: 128°
    Vertical: 68°

  • Recording resolutions

    1080p, 720p, VGA

  • Low light performance

    0.5 Lux

  • Recording format


  • Display dimensions

    3.2" transflective

  • Display screen type

    Gorilla Glass 4 Impact Protection
    Wet finger and light glove optimized

  • Connectivity

    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
    Peer-to-Peer and Wi-Fi Direct Support
    Bluetooth 4.0
    TETRA MTP3000/6000 Series or APX Series (Wired)
    GATT Profile Support for BT Sensors

  • Dual accelerometers


  • Vibration notification


  • Hall effect sensor

    Face-in/face-out carry detection

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