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RLN6490 - XBT Heavy-Duty Headset

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Protect your hearing while being aware of what's around you with this state-of-the-art Bluetooth® digital XBT headset. This behind-the-neck headset unleashes the power of your radio to shield you from harmful, high-decibel noise while letting you hear the surrounding sounds you need to hear to keep you safe—people, alarms, alerts and more.

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lb): 2.0

Dimensions (inches): 6.0 H X 7.75 W X 5.5 L

Performance Characteristics

Microphone: Boom

PTT: On Ear Cup

Type: Heavy Duty

Technology: Original

Intelligent Audio: Noise-Canceling/Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction Rating (dB): 24

Speaker: Dual-Muff

Configuration: Behind-the-Head

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