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BROADBAND OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEM - Evolved Network Manager for Radio and Core

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The Operations Support System – Radio and Core (OSS-RC) provides a centralized interface into the radio and core components of Motorola’s Public Safety LTE network. The OSS-RC communicates up to the network management system that oversees the complete Public Safety LTE solution.

Motorola Public Safety LTE networks are designed using the proven performance of Ericsson LTE platforms. The Ericsson OSS-RC is designed with standards-based OSS systems in mind.

Public safety organizations can take comfort in knowing that their networks have passed the test of serving millions of users before being called upon to provide mission critical services to Public Safety Officers.

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Standards-based design
Built to meet the requirements of standards-defined OSS systems.

Immediate control and constant monitoring 
Provides a centralized configuration and maintenance interface as well as a view into the health of LTE network elements. Performance management functionality provides stats and other metrics to recognize performance trends.

Self-organizing network (SON) 
By monitoring traffic patterns, SON provides automated methods for self-reconfiguring and self-healing due to network expansions or failures and minimized impact to users.


  • Motorola Public Safety LTE Solutions


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