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When installed in a vehicle, the APX Vehicular Adapter (VA) utilizes the mobile antenna providing enhanced transmit and receive range. Powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt battery, the APX VA provides charging capabilities and IMPRES functionality identical to the APX vehicular charger (NNTN7624). Charge status indication and audio (microphone) operating modes are displayed through a dedicated LED. The optional mobile microphone and optional amplified loudspeaker allow for safer operation of the portable radio in the APX vehicular adapter. With a compact, open-face design, the APX VA includes APX VA charger, fused power cable, keys for the mechanical locking feature, and mounting bolts. 

Radios require firmware version R13.00.00 or later. VHF radios must have RF PCB revision NUD7120DZ or later, coming soon. 


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NNTN8527 APX Vehicular Adapter Specifications

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