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Emergency Services organizations, Transportation Control Centers and Utility organizations can all benefit from the NICE Inform-Lite application by saving time, money and resources; mitigating risk and liability; improving processes, interoperability and accuracy; and complying with the most stringent legislative and security requirements.

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Monitor and verify communications and interactions
Live Monitoring enables emergency communication center supervisors to rapidly and pro-actively listen-in and instantly review any call. Inform Verify enables Control Center call takers to instantly review their calls.

Replay telephony, radio and VoIP communications
Search and Replay multiple types of recording simultaneously from a single application

Simple yet extremely powerful search capabilities
Reduce search times dramatically and minimize the use of valuable resources. Users can filter out and narrow down results to find the right transmissions with the minimum amount of effort.

Reconstruct real-time view
Provides an authentic, synchronized, incident reconstruction for investigative or training purposes.


  • NICE Inform-Lite

  • Motorola Integrated Command

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