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Keep Your Team More Informed with Mission Critical Data

Today’s public safety agency needs more than just voice communication to get the job done. Data information can be just as important as voice for efficiency and safety of your personnel. ASTRO 25 Data is designed to carry some of your most critical data traffic. And because voice and data coexists, you can count on the same coverage, reliability, security and trust you’ve come to appreciate with your ASTRO 25 voice system.

Text Messaging
Silent, on-demand two-way communication is an ideal alternative when
sensitive information is being shared or the environment is too noisy for
voice conversations.

Broadcast Messaging
Send high-priority text information and alert everyone simultaneously to
be on the lookout or of a hazardous situation.

Over the Air Rekeying
Keep your communications secure with encryption keys that update
over the air without the delays, inconvenience or costs of bringing radios
into the shop.

Radio Management
Managing your radios over the air means your equipment spends less
time in the shop and more time in the field where they do the most good.

Monitor And Control
Wirelessly connect to remote equipment and unmanned sites to monitor
performance, diagnose alarms and control operations.

Easily track people and resource location for efficient response and improved

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