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               The ASTRO 25 L Core is available in a single zone, standard and fully redundant configurations. This software-defined platform combines powerful servers with Motorola’s proven software to provide a flexible and affordable platform for standards-compliant Project 25 (P25) trunked communication systems.


Mission Critical Data for Trunking – Integrated Data, Enhanced

Frequency Bands

700 MHz
800 MHz
900 MHz
UHF (380-520 MHz)
VHF (136-174 MHz)

Dispatch Systems Supported
MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console
MCC 7100 IP Dispatch Console

Stations Supported


System Redundancy
For increased system resiliency, we offer a fully redundant L Core
configuration to compliment the highly available ASTRO 25 system

ISSI 8000
WAVE™ Work Group Communications

Site Topologies
IP Simulcast

Channel Types

IP Digital Trunking

For Mutual Aid Only:
IP Digital Conventional
Digital Conventional (v.24)
Analog Conventional (4-wire)
Mixed Mode
P25 Conventional Talkgroup

Application briefs


ASTRO 25 Core Solution Brief

Updated 2016/10/26 | PDF 1.65MB
Small town or major city… single department or multi-agency… your radio system should fit your needs and your budget. Motorola’s dynamic architecture gives you the freedom to deploy a rightsized system today, with the confidence that you can easily add coverage, capacity, and new capabilities as your needs evolve in the future.



ASTRO 25 System for Mission Critical Data

Updated 2017/01/30 | PDF 10.85MB
ASTRO® 25 data solutions supplement voice communications, reduce costs and empower users with new ways to access and share information.


ASTRO 25 Systems At-a-Glance

Updated 2017/01/05 | PDF 7.45MB
ASTRO 25 mission critical systems from Motorola Solutions deliver the personal safety of always available communications with interoperable collaboration across technologies and agencies on a future-ready platform. 


ASTRO 25 GGM 8000 Gateway Data Sheet

Updated 2015/04/27 | PDF 128.06KB
Data sheet providing detailed specifications and other information regarding the ASTRO 25 GGM 8000 Gateway.

White Papers


Mission-Critical Communications Designed to a Tougher Standard White Paper

Updated 2013/05/13 | PDF 102.34KB
Split-second decisions. Harrowing circumstances. First responders often find themselves in the eye of the storm. It’s the nature of the job; a job that requires considerable personal danger and risk. Voice and data communications keep them connected, informed and safe. They remain their most powerful weapon. In both routine and extreme situations, public safety responders need reliable communications to do their jobs, to keep citizens and communities safe. But what does that really mean? It means emergency calls connect instantly. First responder group calls are established in under a second. Resources from multiple jurisdictions collaborate and deploy quickly. Communications simply cannot fail when lives are at stake and every second counts. Mission critical networks and devices ensure that they won’t. These solutions are different by design and their proven, dependable performance in daily operations, countless storms, earthquakes and major public safety incidents underscores why purpose-built mission critical technologies matter. There simply is no substitute.


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