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ASTRO 25Express              

ASTRO 25 Express is a cost effective, single site P25 voice system rapidly delivered and deployed with the capability to grow within the ASTRO 25 portfolio as your needs change. 

Connect to an ASTRO 25 core when you want to add sites, data, IP consoles and other features.


The ASTRO 25 Express system configuration is modular and can include:

Voice Communications
Mission-critical voice communications for critical response.

Single Site Configuration 
Designed to meet a customer’s security needs for confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Wireless Consoles
Dispatch communication with a choice of wireless console options.

Self-contained System 
Shipped directly from the factory with minimal field and system engineering support required.

Performance Management 
Over the air monitoring and performance reports.



G-Series Site Equipment for ASTRO 25 Systems

Updated 2016/11/09 | PDF 441.95KB
Motorola’s ASTRO® 25 networks are designed to meet the current and future requirements for Project 25 (P25)solutions. Our G-series portfolio of RF stations, receivers, site controllers and comparators is designed to maximize channel up-time, simplify system technology refresh, enable smaller, more efficient site design and minimize the cost of ownership.



ASTRO 25 Core Solution Brief

Updated 2016/10/26 | PDF 1.65MB
Small town or major city… single department or multi-agency… your radio system should fit your needs and your budget. The ASTRO 25 software defined platform gives you the freedom to deploy a right-sized system today, with the confidence that you can easily add coverage, capacity, and new capabilities as your needs evolve in the future.

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Mission-Critical Communications Designed to a Tougher Standard

Updated 2013/05/13 | PDF 102.34KB
Split-second decisions. Harrowing circumstances. First responders often find themselves in the eye of the storm. It’s the nature of the job; a job that requires considerable personal danger and risk. Voice and data communications keep them connected, informed and safe. It is their most powerful weapon.

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