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                              Whether you need a single site or statewide coverage, ASTRO 25 systems have scalability and P25-compliance you need. Because they are software-defined, ASTRO 25 systems have the flexibility to add features and capabilities with simple software updates when you need them. Available in more configurations with more capabilities, trust ASTRO 25 system to deliver your next mission critical call.

ASTRO® 25 Trunked and
Conventional System

The ASTRO 25 M Core supports single or
multi-zone, trunked and/or conventional
system configurations.

ASTRO® 25 Trunked System

The ASTRO 25 L Core supports single zone
trunked system configurations.

ASTRO® 25 Conventional System

The ASTRO 25 K Core supports single
and multi-channel, single zone,
conventional system configurations.

ASTRO 25Express

ASTRO® 25 Express System

ASTRO 25 Express is an entry level
single site P25 trunking solution. Start
with Express today with the ability to
move to more advanced capabilities in
the future.


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