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Digital Mobile Radios


Motorola mobile radios set the standard for advanced technology and real-world reliability, enabling personnel to communicate in any environment. Select from easy-to-use and reliable solutions that put control and confidence in the hands of users. 

APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio

APX™ 7500 Multi-Band
Mobile Radio

The top of the line mobile equipped
with leading edge technology. Ideal
for agencies requiring multiband
interoperability and use with the O9
integrated control head.

02 Control Head

APX™ 6500 P25 Mobile Radio

Ideal for agencies requiring single band
operation, easy to install design and
future P25 Phase 2 capability.

APX 4500 P25 Mobile Radio

APX™ 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

Compact, easy-to-install dash mount
design with basic features. Ideal for
agencies requiring a budget-friendly P25
mobile solution.

APX 1500

APX™ 1500 P25 Mobile

Durable and compact with quality
P25 features in an easy to use
design, the APX 1500 is ideal for
local government and public works
users that require a budget friendly
P25 Phase 2 solution.

VRX Vehicle Radio Extender

VRX1000 Vehicle Radio

The VRX1000 provides public safety first
responders the ability to achieve a wider
range of coverage for two-way radio
communication in conventional or trunking
operations. To learn more about the
VRX1000 please click here.

Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS)

Digital Vehicular Repeater
System (DVRS)

This component extends the radio coverage
of your network by providing repeater capability
between portable users and the base station.

APX Dual Radio

APX™ Dual Radio

Ideal for first responders, the APX|
Dual Radio enables users to monitor
and scan up to four different frequency
bands via a single O7 control head.


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