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Astro 25 Outdoor Location Solution                     ASTRO 25 Outdoor Location Solution can enhance personnel safety, improve response time to emergency situations, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation resulting in time and money savings. It uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to provide operators with the ability to locate and track outdoor personnel and vehicles.    


The ASTRO 25 Outdoor Location Solution provides location monitoring over a wide area.
The location of the asset being tracked is determined from the GPS satellite constellation
and the data are sent over the ASTRO 25 network according to user-defined, configurable
parameters such as distance-based reporting, periodic reporting and some emergency-
based reporting. For vehicular location solutions, Motorola provides a GPS device that
mounts easily within the vehicle. This device receives GPS satellite data and relays the
coordinates through an XTL 5000 Mobile Radio to the MUPS. Motorola also provides
the option to track personnel using the GPS Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)
connected to the XTS 5000 Portable Radio. The GPS RSM is convenient to wear, yet still
able to receive GPS satellite data.

  • Flexibility to choose the mapping application required to suit your needs
  • Use your existing CAD or AVL mapping applications, or choose your own new mapping application
  • Operators can determine presence and position of resources, thus reducing voice communications
  • Operators can request a radio user's location
  • Dispatchers can readily locate radio users in an emergency situation and provide appropriate backup
                    How It Works

The ASTRO 25 Motorola Universal Processing Server (MUPS) application receives the location information
from the devices that have traveled over the network. MUPS acts as a gateway and translates mobile device
messages and transfer data to back office applications.

The ASTRO 25 Presence Notifier Application provides the subscriber radio presence and absence
information to any compatible data applications located in the Customer Enterprise Network (CEN). This allows
the dispatcher to know whether or not a subscriber unit is powered on/off or somewhere within the radio network.

Supported radios with GPS Receivers include the XTS 2500 and the XTS 5000 portable radios (models I,
II, or III) connected to the integrated GPS-enabled Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) and the XTL 5000, XTL
2500, XTL 1500 and ASTRO Spectra Plus mobile radios.

The ASTRO Location API allows a third party to integrate the Motorola solution with a mapping application. 



ASTRO 25 Systems At-a-Glance Brochure

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ASTRO 25 is the most widely used Project 25 mission critical voice and data (IV&D) communication network for public safety agencies. Installed worldwide, ASTRO 25 solutions meet and exceed public safety agency voice and data requirements for day-to-day operations as well as emergency response in the most demanding situations.


GPS Remote Speaker Microphones For XTS 2500 and XTS 5000 Portable Two-way Radios



XTS 2500

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Standard Brochure for XTS 2500


XTS 5000

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