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CommandCentral Vault Brand Story

CommandCentral Vault is a cloud-based application that meets CJIS standards and is part of Motorola's Digital Evidence Management Solutions. It's designed to reduce administrative overhead, simplify digital storage challenges and maintain agency policy and compliance.

It provides enhanced chain-of-custody controls for end-to-end security and content integrity.

With advanced content management capabilities, CommandCentral Vault automates and streamlines the processing of video from body-worn cameras at every step from capture and review to manage and share. Agency workflows become more efficient with automated uploads, tagging, content grouping, and innovative rapid redaction.

Discover a powerful way to manage body-worn video and multimedia content that saves agency time and enhances community support.


Secured Content: Original content from Si Series Video Speaker Microphones or other body-worn cameras is never editable and is digitally signed to provide a cryptographically secure method to prove authenticity and chain-of-custody. Content is stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud that supports compliance to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS).

Automated Redaction: Eliminate tedious frame-by-frame redaction. Simply select the objects or people in a video and the redaction is applied across all frames automatically.

Automatic Correlation: When linked to your CAD system or RMS, CommandCentral Vault can automatically correlate related evidence from external systems and group them in case folders to reduce administrative overhead searching for content.

Complete Auditing: Every action taken on stored content is tracked for greater transparency and accountability.

Evidence Sharing: Customizable, easy-to-understand forms and workflows are available to distribute content to judicial personnel as well as citizens and media.

Geospatial Video Review: Integrated maps with geotagged locations of recorded content allows for simplified content review.

CommandCentral Software Suite Integration: Metadata stored in CommandCentral Vault can be reused in other CommandCentral applications to increase actionable intelligence.

Retention Policies: Flag evidence to prevent deletion and retain content for different lengths based on incident type, capture date and case association based on your agency’s policies.

Key Users

Officer Detective Records Specialist


Upload body-worn camera content, then search,
review, annotate, mark, tag, clip and organize


Easily search and review content details in
a geospatial view with audit and retention

Records Specialist

Expedite redaction through automation, create
clips, control content, set policies and securely
distribute content with ease.



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