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Whether you are responding to an emergency when seconds count, coordinating a mobile workforce or communicating critical information, your radio is essential and its battery is key to your operation.

Fortunately, the dangers that can destroy other
radio batteries don't affect ours. This is simply because we build superior batteries specifically for Motorola radios. Then we test them in real-world conditions against our competition to prove they are some of the toughest and most reliable around, so your radio won't let you down when you need it most.


You need to perform and so does your radio: even if its battery gets shaken during a rocky ride, accidentally dropped or shocked by dry weather's static electricity.

Our mission is to build a superior battery that can withstand your most demanding environments. That's why we use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. And then we prove our radio batteries are tough by dropping them against concrete, shaking them vigorously for hours and repeatedly jolting them with electricity.






When failure is not an option ….
You're running after a suspect, rushing into a burning building or standing on a ladder pulling out someone from the flames. When time is of the essence, your radio is your lifeline. Yet if you accidentally drop it, you could kill its battery on impact and cut short your communications.

Not so with Motorola.
We build Motorola radio batteries to withstand the kind of impact your radio absorbs every day. Then we prove it, testing performance after repeatedly dropping them onto concrete.

When You’re building your future….

Your days are filled with critical decisions, change orders, and tight deadlines. To coordinate all the logistics involved, you rely on your radio. Yet every time you get shaken–travelling on rugged terrain or using a forklift, digger or crane–you risk cutting off your crucial communications by damaging your radio battery with harmful vibrations.

Not so with Motorola.

We build Motorola radio batteries to withstand rigorous shaking. Then we prove it by running them through 12 strenuous hours of vibration. So no matter how jarring your work is our performance remains unshakeable.

When so much is on the line

Your customer is demanding his order; your team is behind schedule and a machine just broke down. With all that has to be coordinated, you need your radio to stay in regular contact. Yet as you move from the office to manufacturing floor, especially in dry winter weather, you could generate simple static electricity that can zap your radio battery and fry your communications.

Not so with Motorola. 

We build Motorola radio batteries to withstand everyday static electricity. Then we prove it by zapping them with static electricity 260 times, so you can be grounded in the assurance your battery will perform.


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