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P25 Compliant Systems for Mission Critical Communication

Whether it is a scheduled event or an unexpected disaster, ASTRO  25 radio systems connect you to all your resources, internal and external, delivering the information you need to coordinate a safe and effective response.  

Renown for resiliency under extreme situations, ASTRO  25 systems can provide you the foundation for reliable communication today while preparing you for tomorrow. Because it is a modern IP platform defined largely by software, you gain the agility to expand and manage your system to meet your organization's growing needs. Easily add capacity and enhance functionality with easy software updates.

Expand beyond voice to include critical data communication. Quickly connect with others via P25 compliant interoperability.  Protect your voice and data information to comply with industry security requirements. And know that when your personnel need it most, their radio will always be a relied upon lifeline they can count on.

ASTRO® 25 Radios

Portable and mobile communication
products let government and public
safety individuals focus on their mission,
not the technology.

ASTRO® 25 Systems

Designed for maximum flexibility, ASTRO 25
systems are the central source of system
services and control for Motorola P25 IP
communication systems.

ASTRO® 25 Site Equipment

P25 standards compliant, ASTRO 25 site
equipment is built to maximize up-time,
simplify technology refresh, reduce space
and minimize cost of ownership.

Dispatch Communications

Have the peace of mind that your dispatchers
have the best tools available to get the job
done. Whether large or small, Motorola
Dispatch Solutions provide the reliable
connectivity, robust functionality and affordable
management needed to ensure everyone gets
home safe or power is restored.

Project 25 (P25) Compliance Assessment
Program and Manufacturing P25 Testing

The P25 Compliance Assessment Program
(P25 CAP) was developed to verify standards
compliance consistently across manufacturers.


Double your capacity without adding new
equipment or frequencies with P25 Phase


Extend communication and collaboration
across interoperable Project 25 (P25)

ASTRO® 25 Security

Protect your mission critical radio systems with
proactive threat detection, real-time response
and correction.

ASTRO® 25 Operational Assurance

Maximize your operational readiness and safety
with better system visibility and control of critical

ASTRO® 25 System Resiliency

Maximize uptime and ensure continuity
of operations, even in the event of a system

ASTRO® 25 Data

Augment your mission critical voice communications
to enable data for a safer, quicker and more effective

ASTRO 25 Software Applications

Supplement voice communications, reduce costs
and empower users with new ways to access and
share information. With better information, your
personnel can make better decisions and ultimately
achieve better outcomes.


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