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A comprehensive system of functionally interrelated handheld, manpack and mobile transceivers securing encrypted and reliable communication (TRANSEC + COMSEC) in extremely difficult conditions.


The transceivers allow operation in multiple frequency bands (multiband), with multi-purpose use of available modes of operation (multirole + multimode). Functional compatibility with RF13 and RF40 radio systems is guaranteed.

EPM handheld and manpack transceivers are designed for communication at the tactical level in all military branches. They are used in particular where high quality communication with lightweight equipment is demanded.

Mobile EPM transceivers are designed to be built into all tracked and wheeled vehicles.

The radio system is complemented with RF1302S and RF13250S transceivers (CCI category), which, in addition to standard analog modes of operation with an open transmission, support special operating modes (SOM) and are certified by the Czech National Security Authority for transmission of classified information up to the Confidential level (NATO CONFIDENTIAL).


Key features of DICOM®RF20 system

Secure and reliable communication
TRANSEC - frequency hopping technology. COMSEC - communications secured using AES cipher.

Variable operating modes
Operation at a fixed frequency in 25 MHz to 145 MHz band according to STANAG 4204. Special frequency hopping operating modes - HW20 waveform.

Data transmissions
Data transmissions over MANET networks according to MIL-STD-188-220 or Broadcast.

Using GPS
Reception of GPS signal with automatic sending of positional reports on the background of normal voice or data session - G-track system - Blue Force Tracking (BFT).

Optional automatic relaying radio communication at fixed frequencies and with frequency hopping.

Components of the DICOM®RF20 system

Mobile transceivers (RF2350, RF2050, RF23M, ...)

Compact, durable vehicle transceivers operating in HF and VHF bands with power up to 50 W. They are designed for use in wheeled and tracked vehicles with 12 V or 24 V power supply.


Handheld (RF23, RF20) and manpack (RF2305, RF2320) transceivers

Handheld and manpack transceivers operating in the HF and VHF bands are designed for tactical level of command in all military branches. They excel due to their lightweight, rugged design, ease of use and exceptional specifications.


Rebroadcast station (AR20)

This station consists of RF20 transceivers and a rebroadcast unit to increase the range of VHF communication or ensure communication in very rugged terrain. 

Top Products of DICOM®RF20 system


EPM handheld multiband transceiver with improved resistance against radio-electronic warfare is designed for communication at the tactical level of command in all military branches. It connects to standardized accessories used by other transceiver manufacturers - antennas and audio accessories.

DICOM®RF23 specifications:

  • 25 MHz to 146 MHz frequency range,

  • output power up to 5 W,

  • fixed frequency (FF) or frequency hopping (FH) operation,

  • secure operation using AES block cipher (TRANSEC/COMSEC),

  • IP data transfers (FF, FH),

  • built-in GPS receiver - Blue Force Tracking,

  • U-229/U audio connector, TNC-type antenna connector,

  • MIL-STD-810.

The RF2350 multi-band mobile transceiver with increased resistance against radio-electronic warfare is intended for installation in all tracked and wheeled vehicles and at bases.

DICOM®RF2350 specifications:

  • 25 MHz to 146 MHz frequency range,

  • output power up to 50 W,

  • 12 V or 24 V vehicle power grid,

  • integrated co-site filter,

  • fixed frequency (FF) or frequency hopping (FH) operation,

  • secure operation using AES block cipher (TRANSEC/COMSEC),

  • IP data transfers (FF, FH),

  • built-in GPS receiver - Blue Force Tracking,

  • DICOM audio accessories or via U-229/U connector,

  • MIL-STD-810.



AR20 automatic rebroadcast station is a device allowing automatic rebroadcasting of operations at fixed transceiver frequencies meeting the requirements of STANAG 4204 and of transceivers communicating in frequency hopping mode.

DICOM®AR20 specifications:

  • simplex or semi-duplex operation

  • voice and data rebroadcasting at fixed frequencies (STANAG 4204) and in hopping networks

  • TRANSEC/COMSEC support

  • unattended operation (automatic operation)

  • quick installation and putting into operation

  • minimum interference even with closely positioned antennas

AR20P personal rebroadcast set is designed to quickly establish communication between units operating in difficult, rugged terrain without direct radio connection.

DICOM®AR20P specifications:

  • comprehensive portable solution of RF20 system rebroadcasting

  • building of rebroadcast site in remote, difficult to access areas

  • optimal for forward observers temporary deployment

  • extends the range of RF20 system handheld transceiver up to 20 km

  • automatic rebroadcasting of operation at fixed frequencies (STANAG 4204) as well as operation with HW20 waveform (frequency hopping)



Based on the RF23 transceiver the RF2305/RF2320 offer a reliable communication over the range beyond standard operational capabilities of individual handheld radios.

DICOM®RF2305 / DICOM®RF2305 specifications:

  • maintains the complete RF23 radio functionality

  • RF2305: range up to 15 km with 5 W output power

  • RF2320: range up to 20 km with 20 W output power

  • wide range of RF23 accessories supported

  • MOLLE-compatible

  • easy to operate and handle


A wide range of accessories is available • LiIon battery • Stationary and personal chargers for quick and reliable charging • Effective narrowband and wideband antennas • Different types of audio equipment and a variety of accessories (bags, fillguns, etc.)



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