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Single Port PoE Injector
Lamatel’s NEW Single Port PoE Injector LT107E-POE transfers regular Ethernet signal into standard PoE signal. Providing support for IEEE802.3af, this device allows you to enjoy a stable and reliable PoE connectivity on your devices.

Power Rate: ≤15.4.
Transmission Media: Cat5/5e/6 cable
Standard: IEEE802.3af.
Protection: Wide voltage AC Input. Strong lightning
protection, ESD, anti-interference.
Structure: Support for tablet and wallet installation.
2 sets of PoE injector can connect with the bayonet.

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Quick & Simple Installation and Troubleshooting

Included in the box:
1 single Port POE Injector and 1 AC Power Line

Important Notice: Turn OFF signal source and the device’s
power as installation with power ON may result in damaging the

Installation steps:
Use a network cable to connect POE IP camera with POE OUT
port on your Single Port POE Injector.
Use another network cable to connect DATA IN of Single Port
POE Injector with Ethernet switch/other device not
supporting POE.
Your installation is now ready for Power up: Connect AC Power

Four easy steps to troubleshoot the unit:
Confirm if the installation steps above are completed correctly
Confirm the RJ45 cable used conforms to the EIA/TIA568A or
568B industry standards.
The maximum output consumption of the PoE port cannot
exceed 15.4W.
Replace the failing device with a new one to test if the POE
injector is defective.

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