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Fast Ethernet Repeater
Lamatel’s Fast Ethernet Repeater LT1017ER uses advanced network cable drive technology to extend Ethernet signal from 100Mbps to 350Mbps. It can be powered through PoE port or DC/AC 12v-24v power adapter.

3x 100Mbps Ethernet ports
Transmission media: Cat5e/6 Cable
Standard: IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at
Supports MIT-B1
Distance: 350Mbps

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Quick installation and troubleshooting steps
Included in the box:
MIT Hangers
AC Adapter
User Guide

Important Notice: use standard Cat5e/6 cable to get the
longest transmission distance.

Installation steps:
Use a network cable to connect fast Ethernet repeater's POE
IN port with Ethernet switch;
Use 2 network cables to connect 2 IP cameras with fast
Ethernet repeater's Local and Long Distance port respectively;
Check if the installation is correct and power on the device.
Make sure the network is accessible.
Complete wiring installation before powering on all devices.

Four easy troubelshooting steps:
Confirm if the installation steps above are completed correctly
Confirm the RJ45 cable used conforms to the EIA/TIA568A or
568B industry standards.
The maximum output consumption of each PoE port cannot
exceed 15.4W.
Replace the failing device with a new one to test if the PoE
repeater is defective.

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