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Smart Public Safety Solutions

Smart Public Safety Solutions transform your ever-growing data sources into a force multiplier enabling fast, accurate emergency response and crime prevention. Realize new ways to keep workflows simple and intuitive while improving situational awareness and officer safety.

From answering thousands of emergency calls and text messages to processing video, disparate evidence and records, Smart Public Safety Solutions integrate your command center, field personnel and citizens for streamlined operations at an affordable cost.

Rely on the public safety expert to help you unlock the full potential of your data to serve, protect and empower your community today and tomorrow.

Integrated Command and Control

Transform the way you respond with simplified
dispatch workflow solutions for faster call
handling and improved decision quality.


Uncover deeper insights and increase situational
awareness with analytical and situational
intelligence solutions.

Records and Content Management

Securely collect, store, manage and access
data for case reporting, property and evidence
management and inmate management.

Smart Public Safety Solutions Partners

Motorola has joined forces with the most cutting-edge,
innovative companies and integrated their capabilities
into our Smart Public Safety Solutions platform to
transform real-time data into actionable intelligence for
our customers. Our solutions provide you greater
convenience and operational efficiency with a single
streamlined purchase, deployment, and interface.




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