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Customized Car Kit

The MTP6000 Car Kit is Motorola’s vehicle adapter designed to transform your MTP6000 portable into a virtual mobile radio providing in-vehicle battery charging, hands-free operation and extended coverage with access to a wide range of accessories commonly associated with mobile radios. 

The junction box provides the portable radio with a single interface to a range of functions such as vehicle speakerphone capability and battery charging.

With the three axis rotating mounting bracket, you can communicate safely while the radio stays mounted,enabling ease of use and convenience. 

The base model includes the following items:
    Junction box
    Power cable and mounting bracket
    User guide and installation manual

Select from the following mandatory options:    
    Standard or data USB cradle to junction box cable    
    RF or non RF cradle        
    Mobile mics or telephone style handset    
    IMPRES or standard visor microphone    
    5W, 7.5W, 13W speaker    
    Push button with Velcro PTT or gooseneck PTT    

Additional options:    
    External roof antenna    

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