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Environmental Meteorological: 10 Meter Meteorological Tower 

10 meter meteorological tower

Flip Ship with Aluma Meteorological Tower


The M-10M 10-meter freestanding meteorological tower is designed for small, lightweight antennas, with maximum of 35lbs. (15kg) dead weight and 3ft2  (0.27871 m²)  surface area. This aluminum MET tower is ideal for wind speed and direction equipment, sensors, and light antennas. A tilt-base is designed to be cemented directly into a concrete pad (user-supplied). It can also be used for temporary guyed installation; the tower comes equipped with a hinged base with a temporary mounting plate, guy wire attach points, and a guy kit.

This 10-meter meteorological tower consists of 3-sided, 10m (32f.t)  equilateral triangle cross-section constructed of tubular legs of 6061-T6 aluminum. The three 10ft (3.048m) sections are sleeved for quick installation. The tower is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. The freestanding tower is rated for 110mph (49.174 m/s) wind speed when properly installed.

Towers are complete with base and one inch (2.5400 cm) Schedule 40 pipe 1.315 inch OD (3.3401cm) x 5ft. (1.5240m) long aluminum mast.

Model M-10M-PT freestanding tower consists of three 10ft.  (3.0480 m) aluminum sections with M-787 tilt base. The tilt base is precast directly into a concrete pad.

The Model M-10M-TEM tower for temporary installation consists of three 10ft.  (3.0480m) aluminum sections with a M-818 aluminum plate tilt base. Guying is required for roof or concrete slab installation. Guy Kit #1-30BG is available.

The Model M-10M-PTGIN tower consists of three 10ft. (3.0480m)  aluminum sections plus a gin pole to facilitate the tilting of tower with one person operation.

Tilt base M-787 is precast directly into a concrete pad.


10M Fold Over Aluminum Tower

FOT-10 10-meter aluminum tower is designed for small lightweight antennas or equipment. Specifically designed to elevate air-sampling equipment. The tower tilts-over easily to allow for rapid collection of samples. The tower consists of two “B” sections: lower section 17ft. (5.1816m) and upper section 25ft. (7.62m). The upper section is hinged at the top of the lower section to fold-over. Tower is complete with a two inch diameter x 1/8in Wall x 4ft. 9 inches long mast and fixed base. The lower section must be guyed or building bracketed at a minimum of six feet.


Model T-135 and T-35H 35f.t (10.668 m) aluminum telescoping towers. The 35-foot telescoping towers nest to approximately 12ft. (3.6576 m). These towers feature a tilt base and one person can “walk-down” a light duty tower. Crank-up towers can be telescoped to desired height. The towers are manufactured from 6063 T82 and 6061 T6 aluminum and are complete with a tilt-base, building bracket, and mast. See TELESCOPING GUYED TOWERS for details.

10 meter meteorological tower  

Mobile Portable Towers

Trailer tower units and vehicle-mounted units are ideal for mobile operations. The transportable tower units are designed for rapid setup and easy operation in the field.

Trailer Towers with Aluminum Telescoping Towers

Telescoping 10M towers also combined with trailers to provide portable units. TM 12/T-BD-135 and TM 12/T-BD-35H are single-axle galvanized trailers with 35ft. (3.6576 m) aluminum crank-up towers. See Open Trailer Tower

Vehicle-Mounted Aluminum Telescoping Towers

Vehicle-mounted aluminum telescoping towers are designed for mounting on a customer’s vehicle. BD-110M and BD-10MHD are 10M crank-up towers complete with track and carriage. See VEHICLE MOUNTED aluminum telescoping towers.

10 meter meteorological tower  

CAUTION: Take care to avoid any contact with overhead powerlines when raising, installing, or lowering your tower.
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