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The DIMETRA Dispatch Communication Server (DCS) enables effective real-time communication that keeps personnel connected and informed when it matters most. The DIMETRA DCS provides the ability to develop specialised control room solutions through the MCC 7500 Application Program Interface (API). Allowing you to connect and inform your personnel across your DIMETRA system via custom third-party interfaces.

 For organisations that require secure encrypted dispatch communication the Secure-DCS (S-DCS) provides end-to-end encryption across your DIMETRA system for all voice and data communications. This ensures dispatchers stay connected securely to those in the field with secure, private, and encrypted communications. 

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Scale Up Your System, Not Your Costs

Many organisations today are looking for ways to consolidate their operations in order to streamline costs and gain efficiencies. The DCS can do just that by helping you keep your dispatch centre’s operating costs  down and manageable. Since the DCS requires less purpose-built hardware for you to buy and maintain (up to 90% less hardware required), your organisation can achieve a reduction in overall power consumption that is needed to run and operate your system. Additionally, you will have more physical floor space available. With the centralised architecture you reduce overall travel expenses by eliminating the need to send field engineers across a wide area in order to maintain, service, and perform system updates. While the scalable platform lets you grow as much or as little as you need. Simply add a new DCS server and grow your dispatch position by ten without the added time and costs associated with traditional expansions.

Flexible Deployment Options 

With the DCS, you have the added flexibility of deploying it where you want, not where the technology limits you. You can deploy DCS anywhere due to the built in redundancy capability. This ensures one remote control room to have a connection to different DCS servers. The DCS can therefore be shared between different control rooms.

User Log In Flexibility

The DCS addresses users by their own DIMETRA address and not by the address of a piece of equipment. Making it possible to call the Console User regardless of where they log in.  

Audio You Can Rely On

The inherent reliability of the DIMETRA system ensures first responders and dispatchers stay connected with best-in-class audio quality. Ensuring peace of mind that the right information always gets through due to improved audio via fully digital audio over IP. WIth significant reduction in delays and minimised jitter effects typically associated in analogue conversions, your personnel can always be heard no matter what.

Transmission of Sensitive Information Requires a Secure Encrypted Solution

The success of your operations relies on the ability to ensure private communications remain private and are never compromised. The DIMETRA Dispatch Communication Server provides end-to-end encryption that protects information while in transit. It is an evolution of the previous end-to-end encrypted ICCS-Gateway.  The inherent reliability of your DIMETRA system, ensures that critical information can always be communicated to the field with the assurance of end-to-end encryption.


  • DIMETRA Dispatch Communication Server Datasheet

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