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P35 Series VHF Power Amplifier

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150-174 MHz 350 Watts Output Power

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Frequency Range:                     150-174 MHz
DC Operating Voltage:              48 ±0.5 VDC or 110/220 VAC (with -PS/PS2- option)
DC Current Consumption:         20 A (max) @ 48 VDC, 10 A (max) @ 110 VAC
Duty Cycle:                                100%
Modulation:                                FM/Constant Envelope
Power Input:                              See chart below
Power Output:                           350 Watts (nom), set at factory
Spurious & Harmonics:              Exceeds FCC specifications
Input/Output Impedance:           50 Ohms
Load VSWR Tolerance:             Full power, sustained operation 1.5:1 or better,
VSWR protected above             2.5:1
Isolator:                                      Internal isolator included
Indicator LEDs:                          Pwr On, Exciter Drive, Hi Temp, Hi VSWR, Hi Input, Low Output
Remote Monitoring Connector:  DB15 includes alarm and status pins, power control and Form C relay outputs
Input/Output Connector:            Type N female
Cooling Method:                         Fan forced air over heat sink
Operating Temp. Range:            -300 C to +600 C
Storage & Transport:                  -400 C to +700 C
Humidity:                                    80% at +400 C (non-condensing)


Vertical Mounting:                          5.25 in
Horizontal Mounting:                     19.0 in
Depth:                                            20.0 in
Weight:                                          35 lbs (16 kg)


Model Description

P35-5E3-C8-001 / P35-5E3-PS(2)-C8-001
P35-10E3-C8-001 / P35-10E3-PS(2)-C8-001
P35-20E3-C8-001 / P35-20E3-PS(2)-C8-001
P35-50E3-C8-001 / P35-50E3-PS(2)-C8-001

Required Power In

 5-10 W
10-20 W
20-50 W
 50-100 W

Power Output

350 W
350 W
350 W
350 W


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