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The CPG combines onto a single platform the Serving Gateway (SGW) and Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW), two key components of the standards defined LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

Motorola uses the proven performance of the Ericsson SGW and PGW in our Public Safety LTE offering. The Ericsson CPG is a fully standards-compliant platform currently in service in many operator networks around the globe.

Public safety organizations can take comfort in knowing that their networks have passed the test of serving millions of users before being called upon to provide mission critical services to Public Safety Officers.

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Field-proven platform
Supporting millions of users daily in commercial networks, the Ericsson CPG has a proven reliability and performance record which meets the requirements of public safety networks.

Built for public safety
Optimized to serve mission critical activities, the CPG supports Quality of Service (QoS) functionality, enabling the ability to prioritize data traffic and ensuring that the network is serving the most critical need at any given moment.

EPS bearer and session management
EPS bearer uniquely identifies traffic flows that receive a common QoS treatment between user equipment and the PDN GW. The CPG is responsible for setting up each bearer, maintaining bearer-to-session and APN connections.

APN management
Enables separation handling of traffic for different APNs (i.e., ISPs and corporate network). Each APN is handled as a Virtual Private Network.

QoS policy execution
Enables operators to offer QoS-based services and differentiated billing as well as efficient management of network resources. The CPG supports both dynamic QoS policies over Gx as well as statically pre-configured QoS within the CPG.

Idle mode support
Idle mode support saves radio resources and reduces energy consumption on user equipment.


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