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As the dual trends of cloud and mobility accelerate, the traditional means of securing networks are rapidly evolving. Today, your personnel are using more smart devices on the job to enhance productivity, collaboration, and safety. Additionally, those devices are running six or more applications. Managing security across this growing number of devices and applications while ensuring your mobile workforce has instant access to the people and information they need can be a daunting task. 

Now, more than ever you need a reliable and secure certificate based authentication mechanism to verify trusted devices and applications. Additionally, you need to be able to effectively manage the entire certificate lifecycle, and have complete visibility into your certificate deployment including which users are authenticated and what information and applications are accessible. 

Without this, your security environment is susceptible to unauthorized system access, data vulnerabilities, falsified authentication and man-in-the-middle attacks. 

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The Certificate Management Solution provides the infrastructure and processes which make it possible to quickly and easily create and manage certificates. The CMS offers the following functionality:

  • Efficient and centralized management of end entity certificates

  • Ideal for large scale deployments for numerous entities

  • Management of the entire certificate lifecycle

  • Maintain record of each device or server and it’s issued certificates

  • Ability to perform basic certificate management for mobile devices

  • Establish PKI hierarchy customizable to your individual needs

  • Manage certificates enabling one way authentication and mutual authentication

  • Quickly and easily revoke certificates in case of compromised stolen or lost device

  • User friendly user experience to quickly view the status of certificates by device and other metrics

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