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The ACE3600 RTU combines local processing capability of a PLC with the best-in class communications capacity of an RTU to create an all in one high performance unit. It allows seamless integration with PLCs, RTUs and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). A powerful processor combined with versatile input/output modules allows this RTU to be used for the most demanding SCADA applications.

This modular RTU can be expanded and upgraded with multiple, simultaneously operating communication ports utilising a range of industry accepted protocols. The communication capability of this RTU is specifically designed to support secure communications over local and wide area networks.

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Remote control and monitoring in numerous applications 
Water and wastewater – remotely control valves, pumping stations and lift stations; monitor pressure and flow along pipelines, reservoirs and lift stations.

Electric power distribution – remotely control load break switchgears, reclosers and medium voltage substations: monitor loading conditions and fault locations via intelligent electronic devices (IED).

Oil & gas pipelines - monitor flow and pressure, perform emergency shutdowns, monitor remote exploration sites and storage reservoirs.

Early warning and siren control – perform routine tests and remotely activate warning sirens to provide public annunciation of emergency conditions.

Communication network monitoring and control – perform remote monitoring of critical equipment including power systems, environmental control systems, tower lights and etc.

Fire station alerting – quickly dispatch fire equipment and resources with remote control of lights, sirens, voice public address systems, doors and etc.

Versatile communication options

With support for up to 5 ports, the ACE3600 RTU can simultaneously communicate over RS-232, RS-485, radio port and IP Ports, while using the same or different protocols. It supports a wide range of networks at speeds from 1200 bps to 100 Mbps.
- VHF/UHF/800MHz analogue conventional radios
- 800 MHz/UHF analogue or digital trunked systems
- VHF/UHF/900 MHz Multiple Address Systems
- Telephone and leased lines and fibre-optic links via external modems
- Microwave and satellite via built in serial port
- Wired and Wireless IP networks

Data security

The ACE3600 RTU supports encryption over wireless network with downloadable keys.

Graphical User Interface

The System Tool Suite (STS) programming tool features user friendly, menu driven GUI that allows program development and local and remote system setup and maintenance on the RTU.

Industry accepted protocols

The ACE3600 RTU supports a range of industry accepted protocols such as Modbus via RS-232 and IP, DF-1 via RS-232 (Master), DNP3.0 via RS-232, RS-485 and IP and IEC 60870-5-101 and allows direct connection of smart sensors, PLCs and IEDs.

Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) protocol

Based on the seven layer ISO/OSI standard, the MDLC protocol is enhanced with robust error handling to provide reliable communication. It enables RTU-to-control centre as well as RTU-to-RTU direct communications without passing through a dedicated repeater.


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